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Read More$3,750 - limited to 10 attendeesInvestment includes:

Three nights accommodations on-site
at the award winning Inn at Middleton Place

Three days of hands-on instruction, classroom
sessions, and one-on-one time with Wendy.

Three styled wedding photo shoots where
you will collaborate with planners, designers,
stylists, florists, and photographers.
Photos will be provided for your portfolios

Specially curated gifts and amenities for
all attendees

Invitation to work with Birds of a Feather
on a 2019 wedding, to see Wendy's
teachings in action at a real wedding

Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the workshop - including welcome and farewell dinners
Investment - Planners

What to Expect

Over the course of our 3 days together my main objective is for you to learn as much as possible! In the beginning of my career, I attended many conferences and some workshops, and I always left feeling inspired, but never felt fulfilled in the education department. I want to provide you with skills that you can start to use right away to elevate your business and make your life easier. In addition to the 3 styled shoots we will be producing for your portfolio, I'll be speaking about how to price your services correctly, winning sales techniques, taking charge of your clients and guiding them through the planning process, phase-based wedding planning and workflow, client experience, when and how to say no to just about anything (coffee dates, shoots, networking events, etc), and we will be deep diving into wedding design with a mini boot camp focusing on design proposals, the design timeline, how to present a design to a client and selling it with confidence, importance of designing authentically and not copying, collaborating with your team, pre-styling details, and tips and tricks on how to make even a budget wedding look beautiful. We will also be hosting some round table discussions with all of the instructors where we will discuss styled shoots, marketing, social media, how to get published, and building your team. These round tables will be full of Q & A time as well.




  • Feel more confident about wedding design
  • Know why you are charging what you do rather than charging what everyone else is
  • Learn to say no to things that either have no ROI, or bring you no joy, so you can say yes to more things that do (sitting on the couch and watching TV counts!)
  • Free up time to allow you to take on more clients, but still work 40 hours a week
  • Build trust and rapport with clients during the sales process that will carry over into the wedding planning. Trusting clients are the best clients, and allow you to do work you are proud of!
  • Beef up your styling skills so that you have more dynamic images for your portfolio and social media
  • Get your Instagram in tip top shape so that it starts bringing you business and saving you money on traditional advertising
  • No more disappointing styled shoots with unusable images and wasted money
  • Leave feeling like you know what the hell you are doing and aint no body gonna tell you any different!

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