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finding your tribe

We are always being asked for that magic formula that took our businesses to the next level, and while there truly is no magic involved (unless you count hard work and determination), we can all directly trace that trajectory back to when we started working together as a team. I think in some way we are all looking for our tribe at one point in time. When you first start your business it can feel lonely. Sure, you have friends, but they don't really understand what you are going through. Setting big dreams can be difficult when the only one pushing you and holding you accountable is you. Even our spouses don't really get it most of the time. Finding like-minded people that share your goals, bring out the best in you, and push you to your potential is crucial to making it in this business. Finding your tribe is not always easy, it takes time to find those people that are right for you. Be picky (I'm looking at you over there who uses Facebook to crowd source for vendors for styled shoots). These are the people you want to do life with, not just a season. It is our hope that by bringing together photographers, planners, stylists, designers, and florists in one space, that you too might find your own tribe.



Your tribe should consist of:

  • people who hold you accountable for those things you said you were going to do and accomplish
  • people who will be real with you and not lie just to spare your feelings, but do it with kindness
  • people who will be there for you, even when you struggle being there for yourself
  • people that are willing to help, even if its extra work and time on their part
  • people who are at the same point in their businesses and careers as you
  • people you really want to spend time with, even if it isn't work related
  • people that understand you and share your aesthetic and taste-level
  • people who have skills and assets that you lack, and vice versa
  • people who provide a sense of community and camaraderie
  • people who are for you and always want to see you do well
  • people who bring you joy, and could feel like family
  • people you are willing to go the extra mile for
  • people that will cheer you on
  • people who got your back
  • people you love


And yes, I did put those in order from longest to shortest because I'm a monster and that is the sort of behavior you can expect at this retreat. - WK




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