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finding your tribe

We are often asked what magic formula took our businesses to the next level. Our attendees marvel at the trajectory our unique businesses have taken so quickly. And while there truly is no magic involved, we can all directly trace the origin of our steady growth back to when we began to work together, and actively chase dreams as a team. Created to instinctively seek out community, we are all looking for belonging to a tribe. Starting a business is a time of true vulnerability, and potential loneliness. And, while friends support you, their support isn’t quite what you need, as they can't fully empathize with the grit and grind your dream requires of you. Family cheers you on, but you still feel like they are on the outside looking in. Setting goals, let alone actually achieving them alone is possible, but immensely daunting. Finding and locking hands with like-minded people that share your goals, bring out the best in you, and push you toward your optimum potential is the foundational need many industry professionals are missing. And, while finding your tribe is not always easy, it is well worth the risk. Long gone will be the days of sourcing shoots from Facebook vendors, and praying for clients who value your talents and aesthetic. Tribe means we all rise together. We ELEVATE together. Life done in living out life together, not in seasons, but for the long haul. Through the most beautiful and the most trying of times, a tribe is there to lift you up, and hold you up. It is our hope that by bringing together photographers, planners, stylists, designers, and florists in one space, you too might find your own tribe.



Your tribe should consist of:

  • people who hold you accountable for those things you said you were going to do and accomplish
  • people who will be real with you and not lie just to spare your feelings, but do it with kindness
  • people who will be there for you, even when you struggle being there for yourself
  • people that are willing to help, even if its extra work and time on their part
  • people who are at the same point in their businesses and careers as you
  • people you really want to spend time with, even if it isn't work related
  • people that understand you and share your aesthetic and taste-level
  • people who have skills and assets that you lack, and vice versa
  • people who provide a sense of community and camaraderie
  • people who are for you and always want to see you do well
  • people who bring you joy, and could feel like family
  • people you are willing to go the extra mile for
  • people that will cheer you on
  • people who got your back
  • people you love


(Sorted in order from longest to shortest by Wendy Kay. Because, well…obviously.)




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